Month: January 2021

Amoxicillin during pregnancy

Taking medications with antibacterial properties is sometimes necessary during pregnancy, because the immunity of women in the position weakens, so the risk of catching a cold or some kind of infection is quite high. And if the expectant mother is faced with a dangerous disease for her or the fetus caused by bacteria, you have […]

Amoxicillin in coronavirus

Amoxicillin in coronavirus: Covid-19 is a dangerous viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. The pathogen was identified relatively recently, is actively spreading among people and can lead to serious complications and even death. The danger of the virus is the rapid development of pneumonia. To eliminate or minimize the likelihood of bacterial infection, the doctor […]

The effect of antibiotics on living organisms

Effect of antibiotics: Antibiotics entered people’s lives more than half a century ago. Thanks to them, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gangrene and other infections have ceased to be deadly to humans. Our modern life is impossible to imagine without antibiotics. Today they are used everywhere: in agriculture, household chemicals, food industry, medicine (amoxil), etc. Undoubtedly, their use […]

Myths about antibiotics that interfere with treatment

Myths about antibiotics can interfere with treatment, but without these drugs, such as amoxil, it is impossible to imagine modern medicine. Antibiotics have long gone far ahead of penicillin, invented almost a hundred years ago. Today, they are able to fight superbugs and treat uncomplicated appendicitis, and they try to get them from the most […]

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