Amoxicillin in coronavirus

Amoxicillin in coronavirus: Covid-19 is a dangerous viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. The pathogen was identified relatively recently, is actively spreading among people and can lead to serious complications and even death. The danger of the virus is the rapid development of pneumonia. To eliminate or minimize the likelihood of bacterial infection, the doctor […]

The effect of antibiotics on living organisms

Effect of antibiotics: Antibiotics entered people’s lives more than half a century ago. Thanks to them, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gangrene and other infections have ceased to be deadly to humans. Our modern life is impossible to imagine without antibiotics. Today they are used everywhere: in agriculture, household chemicals, food industry, medicine (amoxil), etc. Undoubtedly, their use […]

Myths about antibiotics that interfere with treatment

Myths about antibiotics can interfere with treatment, but without these drugs, such as amoxil, it is impossible to imagine modern medicine. Antibiotics have long gone far ahead of penicillin, invented almost a hundred years ago. Today, they are able to fight superbugs and treat uncomplicated appendicitis, and they try to get them from the most […]

Recommended treatment for sexually transmitted infections

The recommended treatment of sexually transmitted infections, revised taking into account the increasing levels of antibiotic resistance WHO issues new guidelines for the treatment of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis In response to the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, the world health organization (who) has issued new guidelines for the treatment of three common sexually transmitted […]

How to treat pneumonia after antibiotics

Antibiotics for pneumonia Pneumonia is one of the most common and severe diseases of the respiratory system. Its cause, as a rule, are pathogenic microorganisms, so the basis for the treatment of the pathological process are antibiotics-drugs that act directly on the causative agent of the disease. The success of treatment of pneumonia and the […]

Antibiotics for the prevention of harm or benefit?

Antibiotics are not the best option for treating diseases. But, nevertheless, for almost any inflammatory or infectious disease, doctors for some reason prescribe antibiotics. Why? It’s hard to understand. And most importantly, what do we get as a result – tangible benefits or harm? Do I need to fight viruses and bacteria with antibacterials, or […]

Antibiotics for sexual infections

Sexual infections are most often treated with antibiotics. This statement is true only for infections caused by bacterial flora. The human papillomavirus or herpetic infection requires specific therapy, medications with an antibacterial effect in this case do not help. It is important to note that bacterial sexual infections can not be cured by any other […]

Cleansing the body after taking antibiotics

At the beginning of the last century, infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases carried extremely dangerous consequences. However, the discovery of the British specialist Alexander Fleming led to a revolution in bacteriology, and most importantly – gave humanity a powerful way to resist pathogenic microflora. The reverse side of antibiotics is the strongest effect on […]

Amoxicillin antibiotic: history of creation

Development of the drug (Amoxicillin antibiotic) was completed in 1972 by the pharmaceutical company Beecham, and its sales were already started by Beecham’s successor, GlaxoSmithKline. Initially, the drug was called Amoxil, since it was issued a corresponding patent with a registered trade name. Currently, since the patent has expired, other pharmaceutical corporations that sell amoxicillin […]

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