Month: March 2021

How the world is developing new antibiotics

Developing new antibiotics: Antibiotics are no longer a panacea: bacteria evolve, ceasing to respond to once-powerful drugs. Our body’s resistance to antibiotics is also developing. In 2019, according to the WHO, the number of cases of tuberculosis resistant to several drugs at once in Russia was 5.4 per 100 thousand people. How much in the […]

Amoxil is a powerful antibacterial drug

Amoxil is a powerful antibacterial drug! The appearance of amoxicillin protected by clavulanic acid on the market is difficult to overestimate. After all, antibiotics are one of the main classes of medicines, without which modern medicine is simply unthinkable. At the same time, despite the fact that the nomenclature of this class of drugs today […]

New generation of antibacterial agents

New generation antibacterial agents (antibiotics) are substances of biological or semi – synthetic origin. They are used in medical practice to combat pathogenic microbes and viruses. Before the appearance of these medicines, the status of incurable diseases was in typhoid fever, dysentery, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Today, the treatment of infectious diseases is possible with the […]

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