Month: November 2020

Cleansing the body after taking antibiotics

At the beginning of the last century, infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases carried extremely dangerous consequences. However, the discovery of the British specialist Alexander Fleming led to a revolution in bacteriology, and most importantly – gave humanity a powerful way to resist pathogenic microflora. The reverse side of antibiotics is the strongest effect on […]

Amoxicillin antibiotic: history of creation

Development of the drug (Amoxicillin antibiotic) was completed in 1972 by the pharmaceutical company Beecham, and its sales were already started by Beecham’s successor, GlaxoSmithKline. Initially, the drug was called Amoxil, since it was issued a corresponding patent with a registered trade name. Currently, since the patent has expired, other pharmaceutical corporations that sell amoxicillin […]

Antibiotics and alcohol. Can they be combined?

A popular question that even doctors don’t give an exact answer to. Some are definitely against it, others say that you need to take into account what alcohol you drink and how much. In fact, it all depends on the active substance of the drug. Some types of antibiotics with alcohol are not friends at […]

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections are so-called sociopathies, i.e. diseases that have not only medical, but also social significance. Therefore, the requirements for antibiotics (for example, amoxil) used for their treatment are quite high. First, failures in the treatment of common socially dangerous diseases are unacceptable; second, treatment should be effective regardless of where it is carried […]

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