Month: April 2021

Immunity and antibiotics

There are strong links between the nature of nutrition, the development of the child and the state of his immunity. The scientific justification of these relations has been formulated in the last 15-20 years. However, if developing countries are characterized by the problem of protein and energy deficiency (actually starvation), then in countries with developed […]

Microbe vs Antibiotic

Microbe vs antibiotic: In the global battle against antibiotic resistance, where on the one hand – pharmaceutical giants and governments, ordinary doctors and patients, and on the other – escherichia coli, mycobacteria and vibrio cholerae, no one has emerged victorious, and it is still unknown which side has the upper hand. Just 60-plus years after […]

The relevance of disease prevention

The relevance of disease prevention the benefits of using preventive approaches have become particularly evident over the past 2-3 decades, when cases of mass diseases have become less common due to effective clinical preventive measures. Thanks to the vaccination of children, infectious diseases such as polio, which used to roll in regular epidemic waves (more […]

How to get cured if you get infected from a prostitute?

So, what to do if you get infected from a prostitute? Use condoms every time you have sex with a prostitute. If you use a lubricant, make sure it is not water-based (water-based lubricants can damage the condom). Always use a condom with prostitutes, this will save you from most possible troubles. Condoms do not […]

How antibiotics affect the liver

Hepatotoxic reactions to medicines occupy an important place in the structure of drug-related morbidity and mortality of the population and are the main reason for regulatory decisions regarding medicines, including their withdrawal from the market. Acute drug-induced liver damage can cause more than 1,200 drugs, 200 of which are potentially hepatotoxic. According to pharmacoepidemiological studies, […]

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