Month: May 2021

Vaccination in developing countries

Vaccination against pneumococcal infection in children in developing countries will not only reduce the incidence of pneumonia, meningitis and other dangerous diseases caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, but also slow down the development of drug resistance of the bacterium. The use of a conjugate vaccine for the prevention of pneumococcal infections reduces the incidence of infection […]

Enzymes as a means of creating antibiotics

For example, builders know that precision and special tools are required to perform the task correctly. The same is true at the molecular level when creating antibiotics (combined and other, for example, amoxil). New data obtained at North Carolina State University demonstrates the possibility of using the enzyme as a “wrench” in the” assembly ” […]

A new approach in the development of antibiotics

Researchers from McMaster University in Canada have proposed a new approach to the development of antibiotics that may help solve the problem of drug resistance of infectious agents. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology. The scientists drew attention to the fact that in contrast to laboratory conditions, where […]

Effectiveness of a new component of antibiotics

Scientists have announced, in their own words, a “major breakthrough” in the fight against antibiotic resistance, after a new component of antibiotics demonstrated effectiveness in the second phase of clinical trials. Resistance to antibiotic therapy is manifested in the insensitivity of the infection to certain antibacterial agents as a result of changes in microorganisms. Antibiotic-resistant […]

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