Month: November 2021

Can antibiotics harm the body?

The antibiotics harm: the use of antibiotics in a number of diseases provides an undeniable help in treatment, allowing you to quickly cope with inflammation. But their use is not acceptable for all colds. Viral diseases cannot be treated with antibiotics, the medicine can cause more harm to the body. It is not recommended to […]

The dangers of uncontrolled use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are needed to treat many infections, but they are losing their effectiveness. Bacteria resist their influence by adapting and finding ways to survive after exposure to such drugs. There is also a danger of uncontrolled use of antibiotics. Fighting bacteria and medicine Bacterial cells adapt very well – they can naturally become resistant to […]

Excessive use of antibiotics – consequences

Treatment of infections with antibiotics is, of course, one of the great achievements of medicine, but this case requires a very careful and responsible approach. What can excessive use of antibiotics lead to and what can be the consequences of overdoses? Unfortunately, antibiotics are often used excessively, not for their intended purpose, not only by […]

Therapy of sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are among the most significant diseases of a social nature. This is explained not only by their wide spread, but also by the severe consequences for the patient’s body and for society as a whole. What are the current ideas about the therapy of sexually transmitted infections? Complications of STDs in […]

Sexually transmitted diseases in men and women

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) — these terms are understood as infectious diseases, the most common way of infection of which is sexual contact. More than 30 such diseases are known. Causes of STIs Infection with infections in most cases occurs in close contact with the carrier of the disease. Most […]

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