Our policies

Like any other law-abiding team, we strive to keep the personal information of our website visitors safe. Our policies provide confidential collection and processing of all data in accordance with modern protocols. This provides you with complete anonymity. Our partner sites also follow our high standards.

Collection, processing and use of personal data

The protection of your data and your trust are extremely important to us. Please be aware that you do not need to provide any personal information to visit our website. We only use your data if you want to contact us by of the possible ways. In any case, such information will only be used to receive your message, or give you feedback if you need it.

Your personal data security as a part of our politics

For data transmission, we use the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system. This technology provides the highest level of security. For example, banks use it to protect their customers’ personal and financial data. By visiting our site, you can freely navigate through it and get the information you need without risking anything. We select reliable partners, so following external links is also completely safe for you.

SSL our policies

We think not only about our politics, but try to control our partners as well

Our team selects online drugstore sites that also meet high quality and safety standards. By clicking on the links, you quit our policies, but you can also feel safe.

In particular, all the payments on partner sites are securely encrypted and protected. Internet pharmacy staff do not have access to your credit card or other payment method details. Our partner websites store your data necessary for processing of the order only to ship your parcel as soon as possible.

Any transport company receives this data for delivery, but has no right to use it for other purposes. You can indicate any name and address to put it on the parcel if you want to remain anonymous. As a rule, an online drugstore needs your phone number only to guarantee you delivery of the order.

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