Antibiotics in the environment, how they got there and why they are dangerous

We continue the topic of environmental pollution with antibiotics. We have already written about antibiotics in meat and other livestock products. But this is all about the shortcomings of animal breeding technology. In theory, there should not be antibiotics in products, and if they appear, it means that the application technology has been violated. Or […]

The strongest antibiotics

To talk about the benefits of antibiotics, you need to know what types of antibiotics have been created to date and what advantages antibiotics of modern categories, including the strongest antibiotics of the latest generation, demonstrate against the background of their predecessors. Pharmacology is developing rapidly, and the persistent opinion that any strong antibiotic causes […]

The use of antibiotics in the food industry

Antibiotics in the food industry: They do not get tired of arguing about the benefits and harms of antibiotics: on the one hand, they have saved and continue to save people’s lives, on the other hand, they are the strongest allergen and destroy all useful in the human body along with pathogenic microflora. Recently, scientists […]

How to defeat the body’s resistance to antibiotics

To defeat the body’s resistance to antibiotics, it is necessary to abandon the over-the-counter use of antibacterial drugs and set scientists the task of developing new medicines. This opinion was expressed on February 4 by virologist, molecular biologist Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal In fact, antibiotics are substances that bacteria themselves produce in order to free themselves […]

Cefepim with taniborbactam: a new combined antibiotic

Venator Pharmaceuticals shared the results of a successful clinical trial of an experimental intravenous combination antibiotic, which is a combination of cefepime with taniborbactam. Cefepim with taniborbactam has passed a reference clinical trial for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections (cUTI), which has proven its superior effectiveness in comparison with standard therapy in the […]

Development of antibiotics: what’s new in science in 2022?

The latest issues of scientific giants reveal a secret related to the life of the brain and its health. In our first April article, we will also talk about the long-term forecast of precipitation that awaits us in the next decade, and draw parallels between the microorganisms of our lungs and the immunity of the […]

A new study on the use of antibiotics has been published.

A group of international researchers led by the University of Washington in the United States found that more than 1.2 million people died in 2019 from infections caused by bacteria resistant to a variety of antibiotics. Global health officials have repeatedly warned of an increase in the number of drug-resistant bacteria and other microbes due […]

Antibiotics are right under our noses

Antibiotics: German scientists have discovered a new weapon to fight the hospital monster-multi-resistant staphylococcus aureus. For many years, it was hidden not in the permafrost or the Mariana Trench, but right under our noses. Or rather, in it. In recent years, the number of infectious diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria has increased worldwide. Organisms with […]

Coronavirus vaccination, why do doctors refuse to vaccinate?

Only 11% of medical workers in Russia refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 (coronavirus vaccination). Of these, 7% of respondents have objective reasons in the form of medical contraindications, and another 20% of the participants in the study conducted by the analytical company “RNC Pharma” referred to a high antibody titer after a disease, which […]

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