Month: January 2022

How to protect yourself from bacterial pneumonia with coronavirus

It is believed that the main threat in coronavirus is lung damage. How does covid lesion occur, at what point is the process complicated by bacterial pneumonia? How to distinguish one from the other, is there a way to protect yourself in advance and prevent COVID-19 from turning into pneumonia, says the candidate of medical […]

How bacteria Develop Antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotic resistance: Doctors warn that if no action is taken, by 2050 10000000 people in the world will die from bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. It is for this reason that WHO calls on all countries to participate in the fight against the growth of antibiotic resistance. As for Russia, an action plan […]

Why do people have antibiotic resistance?

Scientists: people could adopt antibiotic resistance from hedgehogs Some resistant bacteria could have appeared 130-200 years ago, that is, long before the mass use of antibiotics. Resistance of human pathogens to antibiotics It is believed that the resistance of human pathogens to antibiotics is a modern phenomenon caused by the direct use of antibiotics. However, […]

Doctors’ answers about the effect of amoxiclav on the human body.

Therapist consultation, amoxiclav and blood test: Hello. On November 11, 2021, my throat ached (I have pharyngitis) and my temperature rose 37.9. I immediately started taking cycloferon according to the scheme, gargled with chamomile, sage, and took other medications. In addition, I was prescribed azithromycin for three days, 500mg 1 time a day, as I […]

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