Penicillin injections for syphilis

Treatment of syphilis with penicillin injections is the main and most effective way to eliminate this venereal disease. Only under the influence of penicillin can this disease be cured relatively easily. How often do I have to get syphilis shots? This antibiotic is recommended to inject at all stages of treatment of syphilis, including during […]

Penicillin in tablets, penicillin analogues, penicillin substitutes in ampoules

Penicillin is an antimicrobial antibiotic for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in the human body. It belongs to a group of drugs that aim to neutralize the development of pathogenic bacteria in the human body. This drug was discovered accidentally by the English scientist Alexander Fleming in 1928 on the basis of spores […]

What antibiotics are prescribed for coronavirus?

Antibiotics for coronavirus Coronavirus is an acute viral disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. The infection was detected recently, but has already managed to adapt to the human environment and began to spread actively between people. According to research by scientists, the danger of the virus is that it quickly develops pneumonia. Principle of […]

Antibiotics for sexual infections in men and women

Antibacterial agents for sexual infections should always be used, since these drugs help to eliminate harmful bacteria. It should be remembered that not all sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted only sexually, but all of them require immediate antibiotic treatment. What antibiotics are used for sexual infections? Risk of sexually transmitted diseases Sexually transmitted diseases are […]

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