Month: February 2021

How to distinguish COVID-19 from SARS?

The main difference between coronavirus and influenza and SARS is the incubation period (the time from infection to the first signs). Respiratory viruses and influenza make themselves felt already on 1-4 days. On average, their incubation period is 2-3 days. The coronavirus takes longer to multiply in the body. Its incubation period can reach up […]

How antibiotics work

Some swallow antibiotics at the slightest runny nose, others categorically refuse to take them even with severe pneumonia, considering them terribly harmful. Because they don’t understand how antibiotics work. He and the other approach is completely wrong. Antibiotics do help with many severe infections, but only if taken correctly. To understand in which case the […]

The use of antibiotics in ancient times

Antibiotics in ancient times: According to historical sources, many millennia ago, our ancestors, faced with diseases caused by microorganisms, fought them with available means. Over time, humanity began to understand why certain drugs used since ancient times are able to affect certain diseases, and learned to invent new drugs. Now the amount of funds used […]

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