Doctors’ answers about the effect of amoxiclav on the human body.

Therapist consultation, amoxiclav and blood test: Hello. On November 11, 2021, my throat ached (I have pharyngitis) and my temperature rose 37.9. I immediately started taking cycloferon according to the scheme, gargled with chamomile, sage, and took other medications. In addition, I was prescribed azithromycin for three days, 500mg 1 time a day, as I am preparing for surgery. Up to 14.11 the temperature remained almost 38, by the evening it could even grow.

Since I have an operation scheduled for 28.11, the doctor prescribed me amoxicillin for 5 days, 500mg 2 times a day, so pharyngitis is not complicated – the tonsils are not enlarged, the throat is not very red. I took an amoxiclav pill yesterday and today, but the temperature is still around 37. I have a question: how long can the temperature last and how will antibiotics and temperature affect the blood test that I need to take on 20.11?


Answer: until we know what kind of operation awaits you, we will not be able to answer your question. Conclusion: before asking a question, you should give as much information as possible to your doctor.

Can taking antibiotics affect the blood test?

Even a feeling of fear before the procedure of taking blood can affect the result of the analysis. To reduce the negative impact of these factors, it is recommended to rest in the waiting room for 10-15 minutes before the procedure and calm down. Pills are contraindicated. Taking medications, such as antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs, can also affect the result of the analysis.

How does amoxiclav affect the blood?

Antibacterial antibiotics of the glycopeptide group have the ability to influence platelet agglutination, dependent on the Willebrand factor. Antibiotics of the aminoglycoside structure increase platelet adhesion and reduce the anti-adhesive effect of heparin. Penicillin inhibits platelet aggregation and BAS release reaction by blocking the ability of platelets to convert arachidonic acid into thromboxanes.

Doctors’ answers about the effect of amoxiclav on the human body.

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