Coronavirus vaccination, why do doctors refuse to vaccinate?

Only 11% of medical workers in Russia refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 (coronavirus vaccination). Of these, 7% of respondents have objective reasons in the form of medical contraindications, and another 20% of the participants in the study conducted by the analytical company “RNC Pharma” referred to a high antibody titer after a disease, which allows postponing vaccination.

The remaining reasons are more of a mental nature, while the most problematic pool of questions is related to the fact that the “vaccines used are not fully investigated”, 51% of respondents answered this way.

The study participants noted a similar reason, but in a more categorical form, in the format: “An experimental vaccine, I don’t want to be a “guinea pig”. This wording was chosen by 8% of respondents.

Personal experience also plays an important role: for example, 7% of medical workers noted that there are cases of coronavirus infection among their patients after vaccination. Finally, about 5% of respondents refuse vaccination due to the inconsistency of information from official sources and the lack of objective statistics on post — vaccination complications-the notorious factor of distrust of health officials is manifested.

coronavirus vaccination

A significant number of responses are classified as “other”: “the obsession of advertising”, “the compulsory nature of vaccination”, “the need for revaccination every six months”. There was also a variant about “chipization with the help of a vaccine”, but only one specialist indicated it, probably trying to show the presence of a sense of humor.

Coronavirus vaccination – Social media reaction

Meanwhile, a real war of opponents and supporters of vaccination has unfolded in social networks of all countries. Many people are sure that conventional antibiotics, such as stromectol, help with the coronavirus. Users are joking: “take amoxil and the virus is not terrible for you.” The opinions of doctors in this matter also differ, it does not lead to anything good. The mortality rate from coronavirus in Russia is still high and many media outlets believe that the official statistics are greatly underestimated by the authorities.

Coronavirus vaccination, why do doctors refuse to vaccinate?

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