TOP 10 drugs for cystitis. Urological antibiotics.

Urological antibiotics for cystitis. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. It is accompanied by frequent urges and the presence of discomfort during urination. As a rule, it occurs against the background of a bacterial infection, but it can also be a consequence of damage or irritation of the bladder. Both men and women suffer, […]

The use of amoxicillin in pediatric practice

Amoxicillin in pediatric practice: Amoxicillin / clavulanic acid (amoxiclav) is an inhibitor—protected beta-lactam antibiotic that has been successfully used in clinical practice for more than 30 years. During this time, numerous data have been accumulated on the use of the drug in various bacterial infections: the scientific literature presents the results of several hundred randomized […]

From the history of antimicrobials

At the beginning of the XIX century, there were already some ideas about the contagiousness of purulent diseases, but they were considered to be caused by gases formed during rotting and entering the body from the air. Their nature was not fully understood, and hygienic measures of that time were mainly aimed at combating the […]

How to defeat the body’s resistance to antibiotics

To defeat the body’s resistance to antibiotics, it is necessary to abandon the over-the-counter use of antibacterial drugs and set scientists the task of developing new medicines. This opinion was expressed on February 4 by virologist, molecular biologist Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal In fact, antibiotics are substances that bacteria themselves produce in order to free themselves […]

Analogues of amoxil in tablets for adults

Amoxil is an effective and relatively safe remedy for the treatment of infectious diseases. But if patients are intolerant of its components, the use of analogues that have similar therapeutic properties is required. How to choose an analog? Amoxil is a popular representative of the clinical and pharmacological group of semi—synthetic penicillins among doctors and […]

Cefepim with taniborbactam: a new combined antibiotic

Venator Pharmaceuticals shared the results of a successful clinical trial of an experimental intravenous combination antibiotic, which is a combination of cefepime with taniborbactam. Cefepim with taniborbactam has passed a reference clinical trial for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections (cUTI), which has proven its superior effectiveness in comparison with standard therapy in the […]

The dangers of uncontrolled use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are needed to treat many infections, but they are losing their effectiveness. Bacteria resist their influence by adapting and finding ways to survive after exposure to such drugs. Fighting bacteria and medicine Bacterial cells adapt very well – they can naturally become resistant to antibiotics over time, but we are making the situation worse […]

Development of antibiotics: what’s new in science in 2022?

The latest issues of scientific giants reveal a secret related to the life of the brain and its health. In our first April article, we will also talk about the long-term forecast of precipitation that awaits us in the next decade, and draw parallels between the microorganisms of our lungs and the immunity of the […]

Antibiotics: how biochemists helped to survive the war

On November 24, 1944, Soviet troops liberated Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It was during the Baltic offensive operation that the newly obtained Soviet antibiotic, krustosin, an analogue of penicillin, was used for the first time in the field. Thanks to him, mortality from wounds and infections in the army decreased by 80%, and the number […]

What are the dangers of superbugs?

Bacteria (superbugs) are microorganisms that cause thousands of different diseases from mild to fatal. Antibiotics of different groups are used to combat them. Over the past 70 years, the era of antibacterial drugs has managed to reach its heyday and reduce the pace of development. In the beginning, a few drops of an uncleaned penicillin […]

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