Appendicitis in children and antibiotics

It is known that the main method of treatment of acute appendicitis is considered an emergency surgical removal of the organ. In uncomplicated forms of acute appendicitis, the operation is performed through an incision in the right lower abdomen or by laparoscopic method – through separate punctures of the abdominal wall. Scientists have found that uncomplicated acute appendicitis in children can be cured with antibiotics. This work and its results were published in the journal of the American College of Surgeons.

Appendicitis in children: research progress—é

In the study, specialists from the National Children’s Hospital in Columbus looked for possible non-invasive alternatives to appendectomy in children and adolescents.

In total, 70 children from the emergency department with a diagnosis of “uncomplicated acute appendicitis” participated in the study. In the uncomplicated form, patients do not have symptoms of peritonitis, blockage of the appendix with fecal stones and excessive edema of the inflamed process.

The children’s parents were asked to choose between emergency surgery and a 24-hour intravenous antibiotic in a hospital setting, followed by a 10-day oral dose at home. As a result, 40 people chose appendectomy, and the remaining 30-antibiotic therapy.

As a result, it was recorded that 93% of those who preferred antibiotics, within a day after the start of therapy felt much better and after three days completely recovered, in contrast to those who underwent an appendectomy-it took 17 days to recover. However, three participants in the group on antibiotics still had to remove the appendix, while in none of the cases there were no signs of rupture of the process.

Appendicitis in children. Peter Minneci

“The results of our study demonstrated that antibiotic therapy can be an alternative treatment for uncomplicated acute appendicitis,” said Dr. Peter Minneci, lead author of the study. “We plan to continue the study and confirm the findings.”

Acute appendicitis-inflammation of the appendix of the caecum (appendix). The worm-like process in length can be compared to the little finger of an adult, in shape it resembles a worm with a thickness of about 5 mm. It is one of the most common surgical diseases in children and adults. The cause of the disease is considered to be pyogenic microbes that are located in the lumen of the process, penetrate its wall and cause inflammation.

Appendicitis in children and antibiotics

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